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Undulations: “Change (of tone, accent, intensity, pitch) in a musical phrase, in the emission of sound or voice.” or “Supple, fluid movement, developing in a succession of curves.” 

ama brussels is keen to share its passion for contemporary dance and the themes addressed by the choreographers and dancers it supports.

Undulations runs in parallel with ama’s usual activities. Undulations revolves around activities that are directly linked to ama’s work with artists so that dance can take a permanent place in all the interstices of our territories and lives. As an essential and vital act.

L’écriture en partage

De nombreux artistes qui nous contactent, cherchent des conseils sur la rédaction et la budgétisation pour le dépôt des dossiers de subsides Penser un spectacle, penser et rédiger un dossier de subsides sont souvent des démarches très différentes
Dans l’idée d’entretenir un lien, de participer à une cohésion et de soigner ces temps d’écriture assez solitaires, nous organisons un mois avant les deux dates annuelles de dépôt, deux journées d’écriture Il s’agit avant toute chose de créer un environnement calme, dédié au travail et favoriser une écriture créative
L’idée n’est pas de conseiller directement les artistes sur leurs dossiers, les budgets mais plutôt de créer un cadre d’empouvoirement, de conseils entre pairs, et de facilitation La RAC est co-organisateur de l’événement

Dance dramaturgy

The “Dance dramaturgies” series of encounters and workshops explores issues linked to choreographic dramaturgies from a highly practical perspective. Consciously itinerant, alternating between public meetings (conferences, round tables) and workshops based on concrete cases, these encounters are intended above all to be a platform for re-exploring experiences and sharing research.

This programme is being run in collaboration with La Bellone, a centre for research and artistic reflection and with various venues in Wallonia and Brussels.

First edition: Decoloniality seminar, 13, 14, 15 March 2024 led by Castélie Yalombo and Arnaud Timmermans.

Choreographic meditation

Dance companies and dancers share projects derived from their creations. Based on a dossier submitted in advance, the different participants – mediators, teachers, and coordinators of cultural, social, medical associations – can specify their needs, meeting times, workshops, creative walks, and the types of audience they are seeking to reach, etc. These meetings are held twice a year.

Choreographic interactions

Alongside their choreographic creations, our artists are also interested in teaching, mediation, training and sharing their knowledge. Here you can discover more about some of their past and current projects.