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Ondine Cloez

Ondine Cloez’s performances always begin by creating a context of great familiarity

© Michiel Devijver
© Michiel Devijver



The first word of the first poem of the first collection is basket | 2024

The first word of the first poem of the first collection is basket is a project that began with the reading of a 5th century poem by Man’yoshū. It wasn’t long before Ondine Cloez and Kotomi Kishiwaki began writing their own four-handed tanka. In this duet, they offer to translate for the audience what happens to them when they are on stage. In a spoken and danced dialogue, they make their subterranean work as performers visible and expose details they would normally keep quiet about or conceal.

© Yves de Orestis
© Festival Latitutes Contemporaines

La ballade des simples | 2020

La ballade des simples ( The simples’ walk ) is a guided tour through song, performed by Anne Lenglet, Clémence Galliard and Ondine Cloez. It is a variation of the indoor project L’art de conserver la santé around the eponymous 13th century work.

L’art de conserver la santé | 2020

On discovering the Salernitan Medical School’s 18th century treatise on the art of living a healthy life, Ondine Cloez asked herself the following question: how can we conjure up all those gestures which have been lost or forgotten? In this dance piece with live singing, Ondine Cloez and two other fellow dancers perform aphorisms taken from the work, as well as sharing reflections and revealing what remains in their bodies from that time.

© Margot Videcoq
© Florent Garnier

Vacances vacance | 2018

In Vacances vacance, Ondine Cloez pays homage to all those moments when we are not exactly where we should be, because we are late, elsewhere, on vacation or beside our bodies. It is an observation of what is not there, now, but which perhaps was, before, or elsewhere. The piece is made of back and forth between the body and the thought, of small journeys whose goal would be that the absence appears. And with it, perhaps, the absent ones.