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ama brussels

Tailor-made support for
each artist and each project

ama is a production and distribution office based in Brussels that puts its main focus on the support of long term artistic journeys in order to consider them beyond the sole prism of production and distribution.

The office implements the optimal conditions to build with the artists it supports a working framework conducive to their creations, their experiments, the influence and sustainability of their projects.

France Morin 


After two years of literary preparatory classes in Grenoble, France Morin obtained a master’s in the performing arts and a master’s in literature. She passed the entrance exam for ENSATT (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre) in management and administration. On graduating in 2002, she became the administrator of a small dance venue in the Mosson neighbourhood of Montpellier called Espace Bernard Glandier.

There, she focused on bringing dance closer to a wider audience and organised performances in public spaces as well as international tours. Attracted by Brussels, the capital of dance and home to many European cultural networks, she moved there in 2006 and worked on an ad hoc basis for the European Festival Association (EFA) and the International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM). Passionate about this field, she spent seven years in charge of production and distribution for the Dame de Pic / Karine Ponties dance company, which toured extensively during this period. She also undertook numerous projects in collaboration with international teams (Russia, Portugal, Vietnam, Czech Republic, etc).

She regularly gives training in production and distribution for the performing arts at Artist Project, Arts et Public, the Conservatoire de Mons and most recently at the Arts Council Luxembourg and the Master of Dance for Charleroi danse. She is one of the founders of the cultural cooperation and development project Fotti Cultures in Senegal. France Morin is a regular jury member for the Master of Production programme at INSAS (Institut Nationale Supérieur des Arts du Spectacle). She joined the management committee of Fonds 304 in June 2022 (a training fund for the performing arts sector). She was the administrator of RAC (Réseau des Arts Choréographiques) for one year before being appointed vice-president of the dance commission of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Clara Schmitt
Responsible for tour and residence administration


At the production and distribution office, ama brussels, Clara Schmitt is responsible for tour administration and the logistics of the artists’ creative residencies. She holds a master’s in cultural management from the Free University of Brussels and a degree in economic and social administration from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Clara worked for two seasons at Garage29 as production manager for the G.incubator, a residency programme for emerging choreographers. This experience led her to devote her final-year research to the professionalisation of emerging artists in the domain of the choreographic arts in the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Babacar Ba


Babacar BA is 47 years old and was born and raised in Dakar, Senegal. Babacar has worked for the national celebrity newspapers Icône magazine and Station One, as well as for the national company Promoconsulting (Mouvement des entreprises du Sénégal) as a photographer and head of audiovisual promotion. He went on to found the Classe agency, with clients ranging from artists and creators to private companies, banks, institutions, ministries and embassies. Through the agency, he initiated concerts, fashion shows, the creation of communication media, video clips and advertisements. In 2011, he joined the Grand Théâtre de Dakar, the largest theatre in West Africa, as head of production and international development. He also became the coordinator of the Fotti Cultures organisation, supported by Senegal and Wallonie-Bruxelles. Babacar works to ensure that the Senegalese directors, editors and actors of tomorrow benefit from sound training in film and audiovisual production. After living between Brussels and Dakar for 5 years, he settled in Belgium.


                                                                                                            Emilie Parot (They / He)



After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Art Management, production, residencies, law and cultural ingenineering in Lyon (FR), Emilie Parot worked in Paris (FR) and Brussels (BE) for directors and choreographers in production, touring and artistic coordination (Gsara – I.L. Carrasco – D.A.C.M – N.D. production – A. Lachky – Demestri Lefeuvre – Tumbleweed). Emilie Parot, non-binary (t/he/he) person, also coordinated and curated art shows with video and sound, cinéma du réel and visual arts practices. Found of the sensitive experience of spaces-architecture of the stage and their making, t/he pursued studies in theater/dance set design/ scenography at Saint-Luc – Erg (evening courses) before devoting himself to Art Companies Administration/Project Mgmt and that of to ama brussels.


Accounting: Jérôme Bollué
Social Secretariat: Partena
Legal Service: Alexandre Pintiaux / Kaleis
Translation: Liz Morrison
Website: Meriem Steiner / Frau Steiner

We would like to thank the following people for their help in assisting the artists and projects supported by the office since 2017: Jill De Muelenaere, Cécile Perrichon, Melinda Schons, Anna Six, Arnaud Timmermans, Fanny Brulé Kopp, Maïté Alvarez, Noémie Vancauvelaert.

Complicity / Collaborations

FOTTI, Nomadic art center, Senegal

A project included in the agreements of the Joint Commission between Wallonia-Brussels and Senegal (2021-2025) 

In 2008 Younouss Diallo and France Morin, co-founders, did not only want to create a nomad school for art training in Senegal, they wanted to help laying the breeding ground of a new generation of artists who would contribute to bring out new cultural initiatives in the country and beyond.

Shows, workshops, events, meetings are spreading in all regions of Senegal. FOTTI is a nomadic art center that regularly partners with local and international structures and institutions to implement its creations, events and educational devices.

FOTTI‘s social objective is to increase the openness of young adults to the world – and the world to them, to allow them a creative approach to their social life, both free and consistent, whatever their future professional destinies may be. Its artistic goal is to seek new bases for contemporary artistic creation, better shared and representative of society as a whole.

ama brussels is member of

la RAC

RAC, a federation working for the recognition of the choreographic sector in Wallonia and Brussels.


FEAS, the Federation of Arts Employers in Wallonia and Brussels.


ProDiff, an association that works for the recognition of support professions in Wallonia and Brussels. The 22 ProDiff offices collaborate with 182 companies, producing and distributing 295 projects.


Openoffice, ama is one of the production offices that created Openoffice in 2019 along with Caravan Production, Entropie production, Hiros, workspacebrussels and ZOO / Thomas Hauert. This initiative is inspired by Le bureau des Compagnies du Grütli (Switzerland). Members work together to support artists in Brussels. From administration to production, from distribution to communication and accounting, a diverse team is ready to share its expertise every.


Arviva Arts vivants, Arts durables, is a French association of French-speaking members. Its aim is to analyse day-to-day practices in the performing arts in order to identify sustainable alternatives for reducing the environmental impact of the sector, including all links in the chain, from creation to production and from distribution to communication.


RAB/BKO (Réseau des Arts à Bruxelles/Brussels Kunstenoverleg) are two non-profit-making associations (ASBLs) that have merged to become a single platform for dialogue and reflection, a resource centre and a point of contact for all issues relating to the cultural scene in Brussels.

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