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Léa Drouet

How can we bring human sciences issues into the realm of the sensory, the sonic, the corporeal and the material? How can we share aesthetic experiences that reflect different political and social issues? 

© Béa Borgers
© Béa Borgers




J’ai une épée | 2023

The child becomes the primary threat to an entire civilisation, and to defy it, makes it the object of unconditional, even devouring love. But there is always a weapon in the monster’s jaws…

© Simon Loiseau
© Cindy Sechet

Violences | 2020

Alone on stage, Léa Drouet begins by following the journey of her grandmother, Mado, who as a young girl had to cross fields and roads to escape the Vél d’Hiv’ Roundup in 1942. From there, the director retraces the crossing of borders that today leads to other children losing their lives.

Boundary games | 2018

Boundary Games takes as its starting point our ability to distinguish one thing from another, to distinguish ourselves from one another, and explores the process involved in creating groups, looking for ways to reveal the relative nature of what sets them apart.

© Cindy Sechet
© Cindy Sechet