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 Soa Ratsifandrihana



Soa seeks to create a synthesis between spontaneity and rigorous composition, against the backdrop of her own heritage.

© Lara Gasparotto
© Lara Gasparotto




Fampitaha, fampita, fampitàna | 2024 

A mix of radio storytelling, musical composition and choreography, the new creation by Soa Ratsifandrihana focuses on the fusion of orality and movement to remind us that our bodies, like our words, are the bearers of stories.

© musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais Claude Germain
© Lara Gasparotto

g r oo v e | 2021

g r oo ve is a solo performance by Soa Ratsifandrihana that brings together images and intimate dances. Among them, the Afindrafindrao, a dance from the 19th century, typically «gasy», coming from the red island where Soa comes from: Madagascar. She also sketches a few steps of Madison, the first choreography she learned, popularized in the 60s with Al Brown, an Afro- American singer. She also makes a nod to Pepito, a popping dancer whose stylised quarter-turns I admire… In short, g r oo v e takes the form of a collage of references quoted and then trans- formed.